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Custom Wrenches

Need a custom wrench for a one-off job or to be included in a kit of parts? QuarkssShop has a built-in wizard to make designing wrenches quick and easy via our free CAD software. 

Custom wrenches are often included with a product that requires assembly. This provides added convenience for the end customer. Wrenches can include hex or oblong cutouts that fit over hex head machine screws, bolts and nuts, or machined flats. Quarkss Shop makes it easy to design your own wrenches. They are usually made out of steel, but may also be made out of aluminum, stainless steel or other materials. Custom wrenches can be finished using vibratory finishing, electroplating, black oxide and other finishes.

To design a wrench in Quakss Shop’s free CAD software use the handy software wizard or draw the outer shape and cutouts; assign the desired thickness; and select a finish if desired.

Multi-function wrench

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