The DEVICOR – Epoxy Application & UV Curing System unit has been designed for applying medical grade epoxy to two different medical devices and for curing them using a UV Curing system (OmniCure® S2000 UV/Visible Spot Curing System):


1.Loading Area: Operator will be loading/unloading the medical devices.

2.Epoxy Dispensing Area: Automatic Dispensing mechanism will be able to dispense medical grade epoxy to the medical device.

3.UV Curing Area: Automatic UV Curing System.

4.Buffer Area: This area will allow the medical devices to eliminate any fumes that may have after UV curing process.


The equipment contains the following elements:

1.An automated turn table capable to move four (4) nests 90 degrees per cycle.

2.A Stand Alone unit with a local data base capability

3.An automated dispensing mechanism capable to dispense medical grade epoxy to the medical grade to the medical devices.

4.Automatic UV curing system.

5.Medical Devices Process Counter.

6.Real time troubleshooting resolution center on HMI.

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