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Rubber Compression Molding

Rubber molding creates rubber parts by pressing a heated block of rubber into a metal cavity. Rubber molding offers low cost and avoids the gate and ejection marks of injection molding. Rubber molding can produce simple 2D and 3D shapes. Draft is not required and even some negative draft is possible.

Examples of parts made with rubber molding include gaskets, hose adapters, o-rings, hydraulic and pneumatic components, medical and dental products, appliance components, buttons, handles, knobs, appliance housings containers, etc. Rubber molding can process most types of rubbers. The process requires custom metal molds in the shape of the negative of the final part. Cost reduction options include minimizing complexity and weight.

Rubber Molding Design Considerations

  • Avoid side holes and recesses.

  • Avoid overly complex shapes.

  • Metallic inserts may be molded into the product.

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